Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Love You (too) Long Time

Curly: You only dated for 2 weeks so does he really count?

Officemate: (in the middle of crying over her own ex) 2 weeks? Is that enough time to have invested anything?

breakups while you wait

The problem with relationships that last as long as a blink of an eye is that everyone assumes that the grieving process will be just as quick. Everyone thinks that - even the dumpee.

The day after he broke up with me, I woke up in tears but calmed myself with the thought that I'd only be sad for a maximum of 3 days. And so, every time I felt a breakdown coming, I always started the crying fest with a vocal reassurance to myself and my friends that come Thursday, the drama will be cold and dead and buried.

Cut to 3 months later. Everyone thinks I'm long over him but -surprise, surprise- I am not.
I hide it because I feel stupid. HOW!? can I still be affected? HOW?! can I still care for him? HOW?! can I still cry at the Ortigas-Lanuza stoplight whenever I hear The Script play?

The shame doubles whenever friends begin to joke about how short-lived we were and how lucky I am to be rid of such a jerk. I laugh and agree as if it's the funniest thing ever but I don't really mean it.

But I'll keep laughing until I do.

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